Blackened Seasoning

Blackened Seasoning

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Just the right spicy punch of red pepper flake followed by bold garlic flavor. Fiery flavors that are sure to waken your taste buds!

Net. Wt. 3.25 oz.

Blackened Seasoning Uses:

  • Rub on chicken before broiling or grilling
  • Season steaks & boneless pork chops for salads, tacos or main dishes
  • Season salmon & fish fillets before grilling for blackened flavor
  • Shake on shrimp before cooking & mix in pasta for blackened shrimp pasta
  • Mix in sauces & marinades for an extra kick
  • Sprinkle over popcorn or to season homemade snack mixes
  • Shake and stir into pasta salads for a spicy take
  • Season eggs, omelets & brunch style casseroles
  • Add to creamy salad dressing recipes for some spiciness


    Salt, Sugar, Spices, Garlic*, Onion*. *Dried.