California Garlic Pepper Seasoning

California Garlic Pepper Seasoning

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Not just any ordinary garlic pepper blend. This mix of black pepper, garlic, herbs and spices compliments just about anything.

Net. Wt. 3 oz.

California Garlic Pepper Seasoning Uses:

  • Shake on chicken, beef, pork or fish before cooking
  • Sprinkle on eggs or use in egg dishes: omelets, quiches, fritattas & egg bakes
  • Season casseroles & skillet dishes
  • Use in soups, stews & sauces
  • Sprinkle on cooked vegetables or potatoes of any kind
  • Create your own salad dressing: Combine 1/2 C. olive oil, 1/4 C. vinegar, 1 tsp. seasoning, 1 tsp herbs, 1 minced shallot, 1 minced clove garlic & salt/pepper to taste in a jar with tightly fitting lid; shake & serve.
  • Season warm or cold pasta dishes
  • Shake on eggs, omelets & brunch style casseroles


    Garlic*, Salt, Black Pepper, Brown Sugar, Onion*, Bell Pepper*, Parsley*. *Dried.