No. 520 Mettwurst Bologna Seasoning

No. 520 Mettwurst Bologna Seasoning

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Make authentic German Mettwurst with our skillfully blended Mettwurst Seasoning. The flavor to this boldly spiced sausage is enhanced by curing and smoking.

  • Often mixed with raw minced pork. Sometimes with the addition of veal or beef.
  • Made similar to ring bologna.
  • .65 Lb. B Unit for 25 lbs. of meat
  • Comes complete with Maple Cure


        Spices, Salt, Dextrose and Sodium Erythorbate (2.10%).


        (For 12-1/2# Batches Divide Following By 1/2) 

        You will need:

        • 10# Extra Lean Beef Trims or Wild Game & 15# Pork Trims
        • 2 to 3 Cups Distilled Water

        Suggested Procedure: Grind all meat through 3/8" plate. Mix water, cure and seasoning. Add to meat and mix for about 3-5 minutes until meat becomes tacky. Stuff into 40-43mm Beef Rounds.

        Smoking Procedure: Preheat smoker to 100 degrees F. Hang rings on smoke sticks with no parts touching. Insert probe into center of one ring. Keep at this temperature for 1 hour with dampers wide open. Add 1 full pan moistened sawdust and turn on smoke burner. Close top damper to 1/4 open, bottom damper 3/4 open. After 1 hour raise temperature to 170 degrees F. When internal temperature reaches 156 degrees F turn off temperature control. Remove Mettwurst and put in cold water bath for 20 minutes and remove to cooler.