No. 607 Summer Sausage Seasoning

No. 607 Summer Sausage Seasoning

SFr. 0.00

This summer sausage seasoning has a tangy, salty flavor with spices such as mustard seed and turmeric and no MSG.

  • Blend with pork, beef or venison
  • 1.28 Lb. B Unit or .64 Lb. C Unit
  • Comes complete with Speed Cure
  • No MSG


    Salt, Dextrose, Torula Yeast, Sugar, Spices, Spice Extractives including Turmeric.


    (For 12-1/2# Batches Divide Following By 1/2) 

    You will need:

    • 15# of Lean Beef Trims (90% Lean)
    • 10# of Regular Pork Trims
    • 1-1/2# of Distilled Water
    • 1 pkg. "B" Seasoning

    Suggested Procedure: Grind all meat through 3/8” plate or larger. Regrind through 1/8” plate. Add Maple Cure to water and mix into meat. Add seasonings package, and mix for 4-6 minutes until meat is tacky. Stuff into fibrous casings.

    Smoking Procedure: Preheat smoker to 100°F. Place sausage on smoke sticks.  Insert temperature probe in center of one sausage. Open dampers all the way and run at 100°F for one hour.  Increase temperature to 110ºF; add 2/3 pan of moistened sawdust; smoke 4 hours with top damper 1/8 open and bottom damper 3/4 open.  Add another 2/3 pan moistened sawdust, increase heat to 165°F; heat until internal temperature reaches 148°F. Turn off smoker, put sausage in coldwater bath for 20 minutes, and then hang to dry or wipe dry with clean towel. Remove to cooler.

    *Note: For a firmer summer sausage cook until internal temperature reaches 155 degrees F.

    Overnight Smoking: Put sausage in smoker at 100° F Dry for 1 hour. Place 2/3 pan sawdust (moistened) on burner.  Set timer to 50 minutes.  Run all night at 100°F. Next morning place 2/3 pan sawdust on burner, set timer to 50 minutes, set temperature to 165°–170° F.  Cook until internal temperature of 145°–150°F. Remove from smoker and cool in cold water bath for 20 minutes to 110°F. Dry and place in cooler. 

    Oven: Your sausage product will cook in your oven, and the flavor will be excellent. You will have some color created by our cure and spices, although the color will not be as heavy as it would be if the sausage were placed in a smokehouse. Line the bottom of your oven with foil to catch the drippings. Lay your product on screens. Cook at lowest heat possible for the first hour. Leave oven door open slightly if necessary. Bake at 180° to 200° until product reaches an internal temperature of 156°. After cooking place sausage in refrigerator of freezer. For a smoke flavor use add our liquid smoke.