Ultimate Seasoning

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This is the Ultimate Blend of sea salt, black pepper, garlic, onion and course ground spices. There is a reason we call it the "ultimate", because you can flavor just about anything with this blend. It's a great all-purpose blend in the kitchen.

Net. Wt. 3.4 oz.

Ultimate Seasoning Uses:

  • Rub on beef brisket, ribs, steaks & tenderloin before cooking or grilling 
  • Rub over whole chicken or chicken breast before baking or roasting
  • Use for flavoring chicken pot pies
  • Use on pork loin, pork shoulder, pork chops & tenderloin for absolute flavor 
  • Sprinkle over kabobs before & while grilling
  • Season meat grind for sausage making
  • Mix in ground beef or turkey for burgers & meatballs
  • Sprinkle in thick, hearty soups & stews
  • Season tomato & cream based sauces
  • Season baked or roasted potatoes
  • Sprinkle over steamed or roasted vegetables
  • Season scalloped & au gratin potatoes
  • Use in chicken, potato or egg salad
  • Season casseroles & baked meals
  • Season skillet dishes


    Salt, Garlic* & Onion*, Spices. *Dried.